Programming is my passion.

I like solving hard problems with smart people. The act of breaking down a series of complex requests into their core problems, implementing solutions for those problems, then seeing the final, functional result is a cycle I can't imagine ever getting tired of.
Most of my experience comes from startups in and around Chattanooga, the Gig City.
Through this work I have learned when to move fast and when to slow down, how to fail fast and when to dig in, and to quickly pick up new tools and skills on my feet.

Recent Work & Projects

StudioNow (2016 - Now)

StudioNow is a highly curated, global marketplace for video production. I currently work full-time remotely for StudioNow.
At StudioNow, my responsibilities are split between maintaining and building upon a legacy Django financial and administrative platform while helping build out a replacement for it using Angular, Flask, and Node.js.

Viator VR (2016 - Now)

Viator VR utilizes virtual reality to submerge users in an immersive environment for an interactive, engaging foreign language learning experience.
I am the co-founder and CTO of Viator VR, LLC. We have received numerous grants and awards, funding the project through early development. We use Unreal Engine (both C++ and Blueprints) as our primary development tool.
In addition to development work, I have also performed many business development-related duties, such as writing the business plan, pitching it at pitch competitions, and taking care of office administration tasks.

Bellhops (2014 - 2016)

Bellhops is an on-demand moving company that utilizes a college labor force.
I was an early addition to the tech team, where I served primarily as a backend programmer. We mostly worked in Python using the Django web framework. Towards the end of my tenancy at Bellhops, I started doing some front-end work using React.JS, Redux, and Node. I also helped begin the transition from a monolithic code base to one made up of many microservices.

Carbon Objects (2014)

Carbon Objects is startup utilizing augmented reality technology in a primarily non-technical space. While working with them, I designed and developed a scalable REST API for web, iOS, and Android consumers.

Engage3D (2012 - 2013)

Engage3D was a startup founded on the principles of technology-based education and utilization of high-speed networks. At Engage3D, I worked on a 3D videoconferencing application using three.js and node.js, a motion-controlled art display using the same stack, and helped teach Python courses.

SimCenter (2011 - 2014)

The SimCenter is a nationally-recognized graduate school for computational engineers. At the SimCenter, I served as assistant systems administrator. My duties included daily maintenance of a large cluster of nodes, tool development, and technical support for an on-site user base of 50+.

Project Nothingness (2014)

A top-down dungeon crawler developed by a small team at University of Tenenssee at Chattanooga as a submission for the Independent Games Festival (IGF). This project was intense: We had 8 weeks from the start of the term to IGF submission. We used Lightweight Java Game Library (LWJGL) for this project.

Not Yet (2015)

Global Game Jam 2015 Entry. A Musical Puzzle game where your goal is to enter the mysterious arches visible at the beginning of the game. Unlock the secret of the arch by exploring the playing area.

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